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 Stolen Art. Homecoming

written by Patrick Morgan

With new laws in place, more museums are keen to return unethically and illegally sourced artifacts to the countries of their origin. Read more about the recent art repatriations and why now more than ever before, it is so important to build an ethically sound collection.

Collecting Modern Chairs

Furniture & Design

written by Martin Snape

Granny’s attic is cooler than ever! Amazingly the pared-back and sleek modern designs of the 1950’s and ensuing decades have been with us for sixty to seventy years. In another generation they’ll be officially antique! The furniture of this period has been around long enough for it to fall out of fashion leading to a certain amount of inevitable destruction, but is now enjoying a reappraisal.

How to Value Fine Jewelry

Fine Jewelry

Does the wedding ring you inherited from your grandmother have any value? Could the bracelet you picked up at the antique store be worth more than you thought? Fine jewelry is precious and highly valuable for many people, as it is easy to appreciate such beauty and history.

A Buyer's Guide to Plastic Toy Soldiers


written by Luke Honey

The appeal of the toy soldier is as old as recorded history. Toy soldiers, or at least, more accurately, 'soldier figures in miniature,' have been discovered in the tombs of the Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt. The Romans manufactured miniature soldiers in lead- found in excavations in Spain, Britain, Germany, and Ethiopia- and intended, possibly, as children's playthings.

Buyers Guide to Sports Memorabilia

Sports Memorabilia

August 2022 was marked with a historical sale for Sports Memorabilia. First collector card with Mickey Mantle from 1952 sold for $12,6 million becoming the most expensive one ever sold. The growing market of Sports Memorabilia brings billions today. Maybe it's time to dust off your old card collection and see what is really worth?

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NFTs: Sound Investment or the Latest Art Craze?

Contemporary Art

written by Patrick Morgan

NFTs, crypto-currency, the blockchain. These are the investment buzzwords of Millennials and Generation Z. Digital wallets and virtual assets are certainly here to stay, but can they transform how we see, feel and appreciate art ? Or, for that matter, how we buy and sell art?

Buyer's Guide: Top 8 Vintage Makeup Brands To Collect

by Angelina Barzey

Exquisite gold plated and encrusted diamond makeup compacts, Marilyn Monroe’s signature red lips, Greta Garbo’s flawless skin complexion… 1950’s was certainly a time where vintage makeup brands such as Max Factor, Maybelline, and Lancôme flourished in the industry. Today, people all around the world are collecting vintage makeup, and some have even sold for thousands of dollars. Read this article and learn more about antique makeup brands throughout history today!

Buyers Guide to Comic Books

by Tom Orr

For many, comic books are like a nostalgia speedway back to careless childhood. Our favourite and timeless heroes such as Spider-Man, Batman, X-men but also  Asterix and Obelix, Tintin, and many others can still make clearing out the attic take longer time than it should. Today the comics are not only considered an entertainment but also a respected art form that inspired many bestselling and loved Hollywood productions and TV series. But did you ever wonder how much your old comic books may be worth? Read our Expert article and find out!

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How To Value Vintage Bags

Vintage Bags

Vintage fashion can provide a thrill for fashionistas, history lovers, and niche collectors alike, so it is no wonder that today the area enjoys such a lucrative market amongst enthusiasts.

Collecting Antiquities

written by Joanna van der Lande

Ancient Greek bronze sculpture, 2000 years old Roman marble bust or maybe a turquoise scarab amulet straight from an ancient Egyptian tomb? Although in general those things belong in the museums, the collector's market for antiquities is growing and is as fascinating as ever. Who would not love to have a piece of ancient history in their collection! Read our Antiquities Expert explaining the joys and hardships of collecting ancient artefacts.

If all that glitters isn't gold, could it be Silver?  Sterling silver - Collectible or commodity?

written by Valerie Hammond

For centuries the world has been mesmerised with shiny objects and precious metals. Diamonds used to be “a girl's best friend” and a person was thought to be wonderful if they were “worth their weight in gold“. But we also had “the silver screen“,  “served on a silver platter“ and, of course, “look for the Silver Lining“ plus many other notable quotes about this wondrous metal. 

Gold, shiny bright and very expensive. So, if all that glitters is not gold, could it be silver? Silver, a precious metal, shiny, bright and far more affordable. 

Portraits in  Art: History, Types and How to Value Them?

written by Urszula Frick

Whether it is an old photograph of our late relative, a majestic depiction of a royal in a coronation suit, or one of the many unknown faces caught in glittering baroque frames in a museum gallery, portraits are one of the most powerful images humans can create. Not only because they show a specific person but also because they often are a reflection of this person in a certain moment of their life, through the eyes of an artist.

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Whose Art is it, Anyway?

written by Patrick Morgan

In the process where Western World is trying to make amends for its colonial past, many of the artworks got caught in the dispute of where they belong. Art repatriation is a delicate subject and as the objects looted during colonialism or war should be returned where they belong, the matter seems to still lack the clarity. Read more about the processes of cultural repatriation of art ant antiquities to the countries of their origin, and the influence this process has on the art market.

How to Value Barbies

Barbie Dolls

Barbie doll has unarguably been one of the most monumental and influential phenomena of modern toys and children's media. From the first Barbie in 1959 to this day children across the world are able to enjoy what Barbie has to offer having successfully adapted to a contemporary 21st century context. And just as modern children are eager to play with the doll, collectors and enthusiasts of any age appreciate vintage Barbies as highly valuable collectors items.

Dogs in Art


written by Nicholas Skeaping

Terrier, Corgi, Dachshund, Poodle, Pug, Boxer, Shiba Inu, German Shepherd, Greyhound or Mongrel. The breed really does not matter, dog owners will love them all unconditionally, treating them as family members. Read our article and unravel the dog-human relationship through the history of art.

Why in the World Collect Stamps?


written by Jean Lafortune

Collecting stamps is probably one of the most popular hobbies there is. You do not need a great knowledge to start just your curiosity and some patience. Your collection can reflect you interests, personality, profession or taste. Read the article and learn more about collecting stamps from our VMS Expert.

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